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Luminate Online

Luminate Online

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Does your nonprofit need Luminate Online support? We are your on-demand technology experts!

We act as an extension of your team to get the job done with any Luminate module; including the Content Management System, TeamRaiser, Surveys, and Events.

Requests can range from “how do I apply a soft credit” to “please build a ticketing form for my upcoming event”…

Flexible LO Support Pricing

As Needed Support
Email and Phone Support
per hour
Popular Choice
15 Hours/Monthly
Email and Phone Support
per hour
20 Hours/Monthly
Email and Phone Support
per hour

Luminate Online Data Migration

Welcome to LO!

Luminate Online is a powerful fundraising platform. In fact, there are so many bells, whistles and features, it can be a little hard to take it all in. We’re here to help!

No matter how big, or small, your organization is, we can support your team in the migration to Luminate Online. This begins with a comprehensive review of your current tools, understanding the unique data structure and defining a plan that maximizes LO.

  • Data Mapping and Strategy
  • Best-practice Consulting
  • Configuration and Setup
  • TeamRaiser, Campaign and Form Setup
  • Optimization for Email Marketing
  • System Training
  • Staff Onboarding