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Fundraising Strategy

When Results Matter


How can we help your organization?

Through collaboration with our customers, we're able to attain mutual understanding of needs and goals, gain trust to offer the appropriate strategy, and bring about suggestions on suitable technology to transform your events.

How do you simplify the working process?

We reduce redundant staff efforts and lengthy web implementations with clearly defined project milestones to ensure we can quickly implement websites, landing pages and peer-based fundraising campaigns in days, not weeks.

What are the advantages of Digitiv?

Digitiv takes into consideration every detail to make sure fundraising campaigns run smoothly. From strategy concepts to campaign launch and every item in between.


Additionally, Digitiv partners with Adcieo to support and implement Engaged Donor, an all-in-one donor management and peer-to-peer fundraising solution for any budget.

What is Engaged Donor?

Engaged Donor is a software solution by Adcieo. They've crafted a tool which includes; contact management, donation forms, registrations forms, email/SMS tools, peer-to-peer tools, reporting and more! They're also one of our preferred partners.

Integrated merchant account

Engaged Donor is integrated with Stripe. This means the dollars you raise can be direct deposited to your organization's bank account daily, weekly or monthly. You also have access to wallet features and Apple Pay.