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Is Your Brand as Popular as Toilet Paper in a Crisis?

Building a brand is no small feat; Building a brand people remember, recognize and promote is the goal. So, how do you do it when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar companies vying for the attention of your target audience? Time and hard work.

Maybe your brand is new, or perhaps you’re late to the game and need to get the ball rolling fast. Either way, it’s never too late to inject fresh energy into your brand and grab some attention. Let’s start with some of the simplest actions you can take.

Social Media with a Side of Strategy

Before you can start building an audience, you need to define a few things. Such as the tone of your organization. Are you… serious, edgy, quirky? A social media strategy plan should define the tone of your messages, tag lines, hashtags, standard responses to visitors (including customer complaints) as well as the key networks where you plan to engage people. We’ve mentioned this before, it’s best to focus on a few networks where you can devout the proper time to posting and engaging people, versus a large number of networks and allowing large gaps of time between posts.

With your tone and networks defined, it’s time to brand your social pages. Ideally, use your logo for the profile picture, and ensure it looks as good on a desktop as it does on a mobile device. With Instagram, most of your followers are going to be on a mobile device. If your logo isn’t legible or runs out of frame, you may lose out on valuable likes, shares and traffic back to your website.

Also, don’t ignore the page header image. It’s a large space on Twitter and Facebook for you to convey your organization’s tagline, sales or even new products. Changing this seasonally, or inline with your email and direct mail campaigns to create a cohesive message through visuals. With Facebook, there’s an action button on the lower right of the banner. Use this call to action to let customers get to your site, connect via Messenger, or book an appointment.

With Twitter, you may have noticed the ‘Lists’ feature on your profile. Creating private lists is a great way to keep an eye on your competition without promoting to the world you’re virtually stalking them. Of course, if you’re friendly with the competition, public follows, lists and shares can go a long way to driving cross client communication.

Hello, Influencers!

Once you’ve gotten the basics of your profile together and have started to post regularly, it’s time to start hunting for the influencers who can help take your brand to the masses. There are paid services to connect with popular profiles, but we suggest doing it the old fashioned way. One such way is too sleuth through the followers of your competitors and begin to see who is regularly commenting, liking and sharing content. Once you have an idea for those individuals who are highly active, take a look at their profiles to see how many followers they have. Now, being an influencer is a bit subjective, as you could be more interested in the person with 50K followers versus 5M. It’s about finding the people who you think share your brands core values and may be willing to engage.

To engage influencers, you can offer free sample products, free services or invite them to virtual gatherings with an opportunity to speak or promote one of their products. To put it simply, if you want them to promote your content, you need to provide something of value, which can always be hard, cold cash – it all depends on what works best for your brand. We like the free product and services model, as it can be a great way to generate organic engagement on your social pages. This engagement is digital gold! Organic, non paid, conversations will drive more eyes to your posts and typically more visits to your pages and website.

If you aren’t ready to tackle the world of influencers, focus on conversations. You can’t expect people to blindly follow you with no real engagement. If someone comments on your posts, reply! If you’re following a page with compelling content, especially one that could work for cross promoting, comment publicly to begin a dialogue.

Put in the Time

In a perfect world, you’d launch your online presence and traffic would flow in immediately. That’s not usually how it works. In fact, you need to be posting and engaging your audiences every single day to drive the traffic. It takes a lot of time and effort, but is well worth the investment. Here we’ve outlined some of the most basics ways to get the ball rolling.

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