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Back Office Support

The Support You Need, When You Need it

What is back office support?

We are here to solve your staffing problems and deliver on your strategic needs

Did you recently lose a database manager or system expert? Maybe you have a key team member on leave with a specific set of skills? Perhaps a senior level manager has retired and you need time to find the right fit.

The Digitiv team can help you run back office operations to train current staff, we can take on the work temporarily, or you can permanently outsource the work to us. It’s up to you!


Back Office Support

We are here to help you expand and enhance your team’s skill set. This can be as simple as assisting your email marketing team with copywriting and responsive template construction. Or, it can be as complex as handing off your website development to our team of coders.

While you are working to find the perfect person to join your team, we can step in to perform critical duties. Development, data management, strategic services, marketing, reporting and analytics, and other advancement services.


Interim Team Staffing


Role Outsourcing

Downsizing your team or looking to expand without hiring? Instead of hiring a person with one skill set, you can hire our team to provide you an array of skill sets at a scalable, cost-effective price.

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